Month: July 2012

What’s the point?

First things first.  Why ‘Silence and Chaos’?

Well, I have always felt as though ‘silence and chaos’ was the greatest way to describe the world I lived in without being too poetic or trying too hard to be ‘deep’. Silence is where I typically  felt as though God spoke to me the most while I always felt consumed by the chaos in my daily life. And I don’t mean to mislead you ‘Chaos’ is a strong word to use. But it the most accurate description for how I felt the most.

In this more or less journal of my life. We will be covering such topics and questions like. Do you have a hard time understanding people? The world around you? Events that take place from day to day. Those seen and unseen happening as you carry that latte in one hand and people magazine in the other.

I’ve been compelled to bring you thoughts on those very happenings and the way I feel about them. Is that all this blog is about? Well, no there will be plenty of randomness, pop culture, politics, some poetry, rants about life and culinary conundrums to fill in the gaps. But my purpose is to bring a new light to the things maybe we don’t tend to discuss because it makes us uneasy, feel out of place or we believe that no one cares. I encourage constructive criticism to any postings, ignorant comments or the blabberings of a fool. Spread the word and enjoy.

I bring you Silence and Chaos.