Month: August 2012

Christianity in Silence

I often wonder what people think of me when I tell them I’m a Christian. I know that terminology to many any more is broad and generic. Almost to the point of meaning that ‘you’re religious’ or ‘protestant’ against everything under the sun.

I wonder what goes through their minds when I slip up and curse, or if I’m displaying something less than a smile on any given day. If I laugh at an off-colored joke or keep quiet when my faith is being poked at. When the word Jesus is used in jest or at the end of a punchline.

I find myself often convicted about these things on a regular basis and wonder how can I defend my faith without being defensive. I know we are supposed to kill them with kindness. ‘Them’ being the non-believers or secular world, but it doesnt often seem that easy. It seems as though when you take this ‘high road’ things become more complicated.

It seems as though we have a hard time with being labeled a ‘Jesus Freak’ when you’re simply standing up for what you believe to be right. But is that something we should concern ourselves with? I mean, we are supposed to look different from the rest of the world. Right?

What does one do when in this situation?


Reckless Christians

I knew that would grab you’re attention, but there’s more to it than just the immediate shock you feel. I know you thought I was going to insult you or maybe not you, but someone else. I don’t where I’m going with that but anyways. This past Sunday, Pete Wilson, the Pastor of Cross Point Church, in Nashville, TN;  interviewed Kay Warren. The wife of Rick Warren, Pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California and author of the #1 New York Times Best Seller; Purpose Driven Life.

In short, this interview broke me down, because it changed the way I view the world. I mean, Kay spoke about the hurting people around with so much passion that you found yourself on the verge of tears. (Yes, I’m a man and I cry) Christians are supposed to be reaching these people, but fall short due to our own selfish indiscretions.

I mean from the way we approach people who aren’t in our social stature, those struggling with illness, lifestyle choices, foreign religious groups etc. I was astounded to realize that I’m guilty of not “jumping off the precipice” for my God. And in that moment when Kay said those words, I was ashamed. And I was angry. And disgusted. All because I have passed along so many people to Hell in fear of stepping outside of my comfort zone.In fear of what telling people about Jesus Christ might do to me. How it might disrupt my life. The cynicism, judgement, ostracism, it might bring and render me uncomfortable or insecure.

This interview Blessed my life and My Prayer is that it will do the same for you.

Kay Warren/Pete Wilson Interview


Do you eat Tyson frozen products? Buy arts and crafts at Hobby Lobby? or even grab a short skirt, glittery socks and a blazer from Forever 21 now and again. Well, then you have already supported commercial companies who also share the same Christian or religious foundations that other faith-based companies such as Chick-fil-A share.

In this feature I won’t throw bible verses at you or tell you anyone’s going to hell. I’m just simply stating that it is incredible things we as a nation focus on. When there are so many other issues impacting our world of greater magnitude and substance. Furthermore when is demonizing Christians going to stop becoming the thing? Not only Christians , but isn’t anyone allowed to state how they feel about a political issue without being labeled as intolerant, Republican, Democrat, bigot, sell-out etc. Since when do we have to agree with each other in order to love each other. When at the end of the day isn’t that what it all comes down to? Spreading the gospel in hopes that someone can be made new and given everlasting life. I think we often forget the reason for which we were created. And I’ll be the first to tell you that it isn’t for the phrase.

“to eat, or not to eat?”…a chicken sandwich.