The Well Coffee House (Nashville, TN)

The Well Coffee House is an awesome coffee shop located in the Green Hills area of Nashville, TN. Not only do they serve great coffee but every cup served assist in saving lives in the world around us. I can’ t give you the sum total of how Amazing this place is better than that of Rob Touchstone. Click Here. My wife and I love The Well’s ambiance. You would’ve never have guessed it was a Burger King with the beautiful construction done to it. The transformation has made for a place where the community can connect through coffee and the sharing of God’s Word.


You can enjoy live music weekly at The Well featuring some of Nashville’s local talent. It’s also a great place to meet with friends for small groups or Bible study. The Green Hills area was definitely in need of a shop like The Well Coffee House and we’re glad they’re here. You can also grab pastries from The Foxy Baking Co. Score!20130317-105042.jpg


The Well Coffee House


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