autumn’s song…

autumn's song by Silence and Chaos I’m awakened by the morning sun creeping through my blinds.
my hands caress my face over my eyes to fight the light.
my legs massage the ruffled sheets as I turn over to hide from the light.
my eye’s are greeted by the soft light that cascades across her face.
I smile.
my limbs graze across the bed and drunking-ly find their way to the floor.
the cold wood floors send a chill up my spine as my feet shutter at their greeting.
I sit and stare into the bathroom for a moment and allow the remnants of sleep to linger.
my eyes refuse to adjust to the glare off the mirror sink.
I reach for a t-shirt draped across the bottom of the bedpost.
I put on my socks with rulers stamped onto both sides and head for the kitchen.
the light from the kitchen window stretches across the floor into the foyer.
I clumsily reach into the white cabinet for a coffee cup.
i press the power button on the Keurig.
I popped in the K-cup and I wait.
the coffee drips and the aroma is morning.
I lift the cup up to the light of the window to see the steam.
i exhale
I walk towards the front door and stare into the yard
I look up and acknowledge the tree has began to change.
i exhale
I reach down to pick up a leaf and admire the details.
every vein.
every point.
the gradient.
I take a sip of my coffee and I place it on the ground.
I reach for my phone and focus it on the cup.
i snap
I look up into the tree and say a silent “thank you”.
I walk back into the house and down the hall. coffee in hand…


Sunday Tunes: Ben Rector

Today’s Sunday Tune selection is none other than Ben Rector. I say that as though you should know who he is and well you should. The man is a lyrical genius and his melodies in combo with his lyrics will leave you wanting more. I discovered the Tulsa, Oklahoma native while searching through Adele’s music on YouTube about three years ago and I have been a huge fan ever since. Rector’s writing feel good music for the whole family and suitable for any occasion. The artist is currently based in Nashville, TN and said to be touring with NeedtoBreathe this Spring.

I look to the day when the One Direction’s and Ke$has are put to the rest so the real talent like Ben can shine effortlessly. Today’s selection is When a heart breaks. My wife fell in love with this song because she said it described how she felt during her battle with Aplastic Anemia. If you want more info on the artist. Check it out here on Wikipedia and the website for tours, albums and more info.

My Ben Rector Faves
White Dress
Need You Tonight